Upcoming Events:
Blacksmithing courses at Akranes Museum. Info on Facebook.com/IslenskirEldsmidir
Older Events:
The Icelandic blacksmiths festival was held in the Akranes museum center 29. May to 1. June 2014. The blacksmith Contest will take place on Sunday, June 1 at. 11-15. Contestants register at eldsmidir.net no later than May 25.
In addition to the Contest, we will offer a beginners course in Forging, lectures and exhibitions of arts and crafts. Further, some artisans will be at work in the area. For example it will be possible to monitor carvers and clay artists at their work.


The Nordic Championship in blacksmithing took place in Akranes Museum Centre, August 14th -18th 2013.

About a hundred people came to the museum to work and practice as blacksmiths, and about three thousand came to observe, as the Nordic championship in Blacksmithing took place this weekend in Akranes museum centre.

It was Therese Engdahl who defended her title as Scandinavias master Blacksmith.
Results were as follows:

Group of three
1 Icelanders
2 Swedes
3 Danes

Open Class
1 Mats Petersen Sweden
2 Einar Sigurdsson Iceland
3 Leiv Rune Jordal Norway

Graduated Blacksmiths
1 Torbjörn Malm Norway
2 Linus Ljungren Sweden
3 Óskar Páll Hilmarsson Iceland

Master Blacksmiths
1 Therese Engdahl Sweden
2 Jan Remøe Norway
3 Gunnar Benedikt Þór Gunnarsson, Iceland


We thank our guests and wish them a pleasant journey home.